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4 levels of happiness

What Are The 4 Levels Of Happiness

The four levels of happiness represent your personal preferences and how you relate to others. Lower levels of happiness (level 1 and level 2) are more instantaneous feelings. The higher levels of happiness (level 3 and level 4) are more reasonable and related to your values and principles.

Level 1: Joy

The first level of happiness includes the basic drivers of your life – physical pleasure and instant gratification. This form is relatively short-term and superficial happiness. Examples include a delicious meal, new clothes and even listening to your favorite music. While not instinctively wrong, a constant roller coaster of achieving satisfaction in temporary desires stuck in the first level of happiness.

Level 2: Passion

Being passionate about and actively involved in a hobby, cause, or group activity can be a great source of happiness. These activities provide satisfaction in the medium term and provide a sense of accomplishment and diversity in life. Whether it’s a hobby or getting recognition in your job, being a fan of something is a great source of happiness. Yet it is usually based on the need to satisfy your ego.

Passion is needed to gain confidence. However, if you get stuck in level 2, you may become so obsessed with winning that you feel the need to keep the other down. This kind of happiness does not last.

Level 3: Purpose

When your own talents and skills allow you to serve others and be a part of something bigger, it can give you the idea of purpose, fulfillment, and long-term happiness.

The feeling of doing something bigger than yourself and your activities can lead to the fulfillment of truly important things. We all like to think that our lives have meaning and if you can find your “calling” or be part of a great team, group, or organization that is making a difference then chances are you will be really happy. Deep, lasting happiness grows as you make a positive difference in the world.

Level 4: The Ultimate Good

The fourth level of happiness is the ultimate good. It is a fundamental aspiration of ours as human beings for perfect truth, righteousness, beauty, and love. Many people find happiness in this form through their religious beliefs. Even those who do not believe in higher powers can find joy in themselves for truth, beauty, love, and goodness, and for helping others. Happiness at this level is often the most lasting and profound.


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