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Different types of happiness

Different Types Of Happiness | 8 Types of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a common feature that is commonly seen in everyone. Happiness seems to be an elusive goal for many, and it is easy to sink into sorrow and grief. When this happens, people may turn to destructive alternatives such as drugs or alcohol to mask pain.
There are different types of happiness that you can achieve like love, joy, nature happiness, excitement, gratitude, pride, optimism, satisfaction, to name a few. Each person has something unique that makes them like well, happy. As you become more self-aware you will be able to reach a new level of satisfaction.

Here, you will look at the different types of happiness as you examine the things in your life that make you happy and choose which is most important to you.

Nature Happiness

This type of happiness we get from being close to nature. This joy is not to be compared with anything else. It is a heavenly feeling.

The happiness we feel through our physical senses when we face God’s creation. Mountains, rivers, lakes, trees, flowers, animals, seasons, weather, food, etc. – these and many more can put a smile on our hearts and on our faces.

The Happiness of Humor: God created humanity with a sense of humor – it is not the result of falling. Of course, today it is often difficult to separate humor from sin because jokes and funny stories are often so obscene, unrefined, and discredited by others. However, holy and healthy humor still exists.


The feeling of joy comes from losing yourself in the present moment and realizing what you have. It’s fleeting that it can jump on you and sometimes disappear if you try to analyze too much. If you have the right attitude, then joy also found in many things, so it is a relatively accessible form of happiness.

The easiest way to find joy is to get involved in the familiar activities that usually give you pleasure. It can be anything from your favorite music, hobby, swimming to yoga to amusement parks, etc. It’s also important to try some new things to find ways to enjoy the novel.


Gratitude is also an important form of happiness. It can disappear if you do not focus actively on it. Among those who regularly feel grateful are those who are happier and healthier than those who risk this feeling, according to Study 2

Plus, cultivate gratitude is very easy to cultivate. You can use a gratitude journal, affection-kindness meditation, or even tell people in your life that you appreciate them and do it often. These feelings of gratitude have been shown to keep farming away from feelings of frustration, among other things. It may be less obvious but this kind of happiness can be thought of over and over again.


Smug or competitive arrogance can be a negative thing, a feeling of pride for your accomplishments can be a kind of underlying gratitude and a great joy to be involved in. , Care and love.

You can build a healthy sense of pride by including personal accomplishments in your gratitude journal or by keeping a list of “wins” at the end of each day. It’s not like arrogance or being “self-fulfilling” – you’re not saying you’re better than others because of your own accomplishments, but you’re better than yourself, and it’s true that you’re appreciating it.


Research also combines optimism with larger life outcomes. Optimists focus on possibilities and combine gratitude and pride. They are grateful for all the possibilities of life, proud of their ability to use these resources, and have a strong belief in themselves and their determination to strive for the goals they can achieve behind their own success.

Optimists, when confronted with frustration, reduce it, determine how they can do better next time, and look at the factors that led to their negative outcome. When they succeed, they give credit to themselves and take it as a sign of better work in the future. Optimism tends to be the overall way, so it is less fleeting than other happiness.


Contentment means Satisfaction and it means being happy with what you have. Those who are satisfied are less frustrated by the mistakes of life and feel lucky to already have what they have in life.

People strive to experience this form of happiness, and it can come with the feeling of gratitude for what you have, as well as the feeling that you have risen to the top and that you deserve to enjoy the rewards with effort. It can bring satisfaction in your achievements and everything you have so concentrating on what you have is a great way to have content.


Love is an infinite source of happiness, joy, and happiness itself is a form of heavenly love. Happiness and Love are sometimes called exchangeable. But you look at it, both are important to have in your life. But you look at it, both are important to have in your life.

True love may seem like the ultimate, but in reality, love is all around you. Family, friends, romantic partners, and pets may be the source of all love, and this relationship can enrich your happiness, joy, pleasure, etc and you get a healthy life every moment. It is a form of joy that can come in endless supply. But you look at it, both are important to have in your life. But you look at it, both are important to have in your life.

Physical Happiness

The joy we get from being fit, strong and healthy, enables us to do whatever we want. It is especially intense and special for those whose health and well-being have been restored after illness or surgery.


According to researchers, there are some different types of happiness or positive emotions that together boost health, and those that don’t affect health, are:

Positive Negative














Being at ease



Being afraid










Being scared


Feeling blue




What is Most Important To You?

We all need these different types of happiness in our lives to be happy and satisfied. But how important all types of happiness depends on your personality and preferences. For example, if you are very competitive, then personal achievement is necessary for you. For others, it is a matter of little concern.

The better you know yourself and your choices, the easier it is for you to create your own desired life and reach higher levels of well-being and happiness. 


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